5 Mobile Apps Worth Downloading To Make Money On

*Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links which will provide me with a small profit at no extra cost to you

Do you often find yourself endlessly scrolling through various social media apps whilst watching Netflix and all of a sudden an hour has passed and you think, what have I actually been doing? I get like this sometimes, until I realise what I am doing and think to myself I could be using this time to get some money on the apps I have installed on my phone.

I know some people may be a bit sceptical (I know I definitely was at first) but I have tried and tested these apps and I would love to share them with you in the hopes they can bring you some money today!

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Freetrade allows you to send and receive free shares worth between £3 and £200! Yes, free shares which you can withdraw as soon as it hits your account, that’s an easy free meal deal at the minimum.

  • First of all you will need to download the Freetrade app on either the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Once you have done that, you need to register an account and complete the W-8BEN form (this is to confirm you don’t need to pay tax in America).
  • Deposit £1 into your account.
  • Wait 7 to 10 days for the free share to be put into your account (usually on a Wednesday).
  • Get your free share worth between £3 and £200.
  • Send a free share and get more free shares!

What are you waiting for? Start the process to your free share today! If you want more information on how the Freetrade app works then check out ‘How To Get Free Money With Freetrade’.


Ipsos I-Say is a fantastic app where you can receive rewards in the form of vouchers just for doing surveys. I’ve received Virtual Mastercard vouchers and Amazon vouchers so far but there is a huge range to choose from when you have enough points! You could even use the vouchers to help towards birthday and Christmas presents! Sign up here today to complete surveys in return for vouchers.


YouGov again is an app you can complete surveys on but here you can receive a cash reward. This one takes a little bit longer to complete but it is a higher reward of £50 when you hit 5000 points.

Sign up here today to start completing surveys.

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Ziglu app is an instant cash reward of £5 just for signing up using this referral link. The great thing about this sign up offer is that you can carry on sharing your own referral link to your family and friends and you will both receive the offer. Ziglu also occasionally have boosted referrals so keep your eye out as they are quite good!

The steps are quite simple to follow and you should receive your sign up reward in less than 1 hour.

Airtime Rewards

Airtime rewards gives you money off your phone bill when you spend in certain places, e.g. Boots, The Body Shop, Morrisons. This is a good app to have if you often shop in places that are registered with Airtime rewards as you will end up getting a certain percentage of your spend as a reward to take off your phone bill.

Sign up here to start getting money off your phone bill today and use the code WRD3TPFE to get a bonus when you sign up.


Shares is similar to FreeTrade as it is an investing app. However, the referral offer is a little bit more than the minimum for FreeTrade but less than the highest reward there. With Shares you can get a share worth £20 for free when you sign up using my link here.

Here’s how it works step by step:

  • Sign up to Shares using my link.
  • Enter your details and top up your account with £1.
  • Wait for your £20 free share to arrive and invest in your chosen account.

Then you can either keep your free £20 share invested or you can choose to sell your share and then withdraw once the sale has gone through!

What are your favourite mobile apps to use for money making?

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