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Now that the days are getting shorter and it’s beginning to get cooler, I’ve started looking for more suitable pastime activities. While I love autumn activities I also have been wanting to add some indoor activities, particularly ones that can also entertain my child during the cooler times. We love to watch films, create and bake together usually. In our downtime my child loves to play on a variety of different games on her tablet and we love solving puzzles on there together. I also love gaming as a way to enjoy free time and relax. I used to spend a fair amount of time after school on Big Fish Games when I was younger. Specifically games such as Bejewelled or Dinner Dash, they were some of my favourite.

I then recently came across which is a free online gaming website which has around a thousand games. There are many different categories of games to choose to play from and plenty of educational ones to play as well! We were super excited to try out the games together while it has been colder. Site

First impressions of the site was the site seemed retro which I loved. It’s nice, bright and colourful which makes it appealing to have a look around to see what games the site offers.

The layout of the site is very clear. There is a section for ‘New’, ‘Random’, ‘Categories’, ‘Register’ and ‘My Faves’.


In the ‘New’ section you will be able to see all the latest games that have been added to the website.


The ‘Random’ section randomly picks out a game for you to play. This is great if you’re struggling to choose a game to play as you can leave all the decisions to this section of the website.


The categories can be found at the footer of each page on the website. In the categories there are a variety of Cartoon Games such as Scooby Doo and Adventure Time. There are also a variety of different game categories, including but not limited to; Arcade Classics, Comics Games, Education, Sports Games, Retro Pixels, Base Defence, Simulation Games and many more. There are also separate categories for preschool and kindergarten which is fantastic for those looking to involve a younger child.


In this section you can sign up to and create a free account. Registering a free account allows you to access your favourites from any device!

My Faves

In this section you can add your favourite games for quick and easy access whenever you play.

Games I have enjoyed

I would like to share with you a few games I have enjoyed playing on over the past few days.

The Bash Street Sketch Book: Doodle Maze Puzzle Game

This game has 30 levels to go through with each level being more challenging. You have to draw a line from the left side to the right side without hitting any objects on the way. If you hit an object the line gets wiped so you have to start again.

Be Cool Scooby Doo Sandwich Tower Food Stacking Game

This sandwich tower food stacking game is extremely fun to play. It requires being quick to move Scooby to catch the right food. This is fun to play for all ages!

Playful Kitty Yarn Ball Rolling Logic Puzzle Game

Calling all kitty lovers! This game is one for you. This logic puzzle game was super fun and challenging to play. You have to get the ball of yarn to the kitten and get it there fast before the kitten gets mad. You have to overcome obstacles and it’s a great way to have fun and get the brain working at the same time! I highly recommend this game!

FlapCat Steampunk: Flappy Bird Inspired Cat Game

Does anyone remember Flappy Bird? Of course you do. This game takes the same premise but with a flying cat instead of a bird! Very challenging to play but I highly recommend playing if you like a challenge and cats.

3D Tangram Puzzle Game

I love a good puzzle game. This game was really fun to play to solve the puzzles because you sometimes think you’ve got it right but have to try a different way to complete the puzzle. It involves a lot of open minded thinking and taking a ‘thinking outside of the box’ approach. There are 25 different levels to go through and each one providing a new challenge with a different shape.

Be Cool Scooby Doo The Mysterious Mansion Hidden Objects

I love hidden object games, as I’ve mentioned before I spent the evenings during lockdown playing these with my husband. This game also has separate levels after you’ve found all the hidden objects which adds to solving the mystery! A fun game to play but you have to be quick to spot the clues before the time runs out.

Find The Pug

This is the same principle as Where’s Wally but instead of Wally it is a pug. The levels slowly increase in difficulty by adding more dogs to the picture. Click on the link above if you fancy a game of Find The Pug!

Games My Three Year Old Has Enjoyed

As I mentioned earlier, myself and my toddler were excited to explore the games on We decided to have a go at the games in the preschool and kindergarten section. My three year old really loved playing these games, especially the more educational ones.

Overall Thoughts

Myself and my toddler have thoroughly enjoyed playing games on It has been a great way to enjoy activities together inside while it has been cold outside. There are so many games to be played on the site and more new games frequently added.

I highly recommend checking out if you’re looking for some fun games to play inside either by yourself or with your children.

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