Dry January | The Beginning

2023 has arrived and the beinning of a new year, time for looking back on the last year and what was acheived and thinking about what can be acheived in the new year. I’ve never been a fan of the whole ‘New Year, new me’ saying, because if you want to make changes why not make them right there and then? I am, however, a fan of setting goals because oh boy doesn’t it feel fantastic when you reach them?

One of my goals for this year will be completing the Dry January challenge. I did this in January 2022 and was so surprised that I actually completed the whole month sober. This was particularly interesting for me as I started a new job which I usually would have had a drink the night before to calm the nerves down, but I didn’t drink and managed to get through the nerves, amazingly.

What is Dry January?

A challenge created by Alcohol Change to have “31 days alcohol-free, a break and a total reset for the body and mind with Alcohol Change UK.” After a month of being alcohol-free you may feel healthier, have a clearer head and reset your relationship with alcohol. According to Alcohol Change “It’s about you taking a break, living better, feeling better. Starting your new year, the right way.

Personally I am looking forward to this month, especially after a few weeks of celebrations involving alcohol in December.

The main things I am looking forward to are:

  • Saving money
  • Moving away from the hangovers
  • Challenging myself
  • Feeling healthier in my body and mind

On January 1st 2023 I currently feel

The reason I am making this post is to not only hold myself accountable, but to also record how I feel at the start of the month and at the end. After a New Year’s Eve celebration with family I have woken up with not the worst hangover had, but feeling pretty rough. A few words to describe how I currently feel: anxious, lethargic, low, heavy, on edge, tired, guilty and stressed.

What Helpful Tools Will I Be Using?

Going sober for one month after a few weeks of alcohol induced celebrations will be tough for myself personally. However, there are a few things that I found really helped last January that I will be using again this year.

  • Try Dry: The Dry January App – I found this app a great way to track my progress throughout the month. The app helped to remind myself I was doing Dry January and showed interesting facts about your mental/ physical state after so many days without alcohol. I will be using this app again this year and updating to my social media with the tracker.
  • Tell others – The best encouragement besides yourself is telling others what you are doing. This not only helps you to be held accountable, but it also means that if you go out for food with friends and family they will know that you are doing Dry January. This also follows on from the point above, if you have the app then you can share your progress online. I found this was fantastic last year and one of the bigger reasons I kept going.
  • Find A Nice Alternative Drink – Whether it is a glass of wine you usually have with a meal or a pint with friends, finding a nice non-alcoholic drink will work wonders. You could even have a non-alcoholic version of your favourite alcohol or mocktail, some are delicious.
  • Save The Coins – Every time you think about possibly having a drink, add the price of the alcohol you would consume to a savings pot. This way you have the money saved for something non alcoholic to treat yourself with.
  • Listing Reasons – Have a list of reasons for doing Dry January so you can look back on them when you feel as though you want a drink and remember why.

Will you be doing Dry January this year and do you have any tips?

Let me know below 👇🏻

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