How To Get Free Money With The Freetrade App

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There are so many different ways you can make money from simply having your phone to hand and internet connection. With the thousands of apps that are available there are several that you can make money from. Some apps sound too good to be true, however you can tell which ones to trust by reading the reviews.

However, there are some apps out there that actually work and allow you to make money from without it being a dodgy scam. The type of apps vary from completing surveys for money to saving and investing for your future.

I have been thinking about the future recently regarding savings and I know I want to be able to have something in place. Last month I came across different information explaining the best way to financially prepare yourself for your future is to invest rather than save. This is because you can usually get more out of investing than if you were to have a savings account with an interest rate of 0.01%.

Having seeing this information it got me thinking, but I had no idea where to start. I didn’t want to go blindly into this area of investing when most investing sites look so overwhelming. I then came across FreeTrade when looking for ways to make money from apps and found FreeTrade’s referral offer. This offer meant that when I signed up to FreeTrade through the referral link I had the chance of getting a free share worth between £3 and £200.

What is Freetrade?

FreeTrade is an App for simple investing. The company want to help people invest into their future and make it accessible for anyone and everyone. FreeTrade allows you to explore the world of the stock market without feeling overwhelmed by commission fees, jargon or where to buy or sell shares. The app has a simple, clear design that shows how many shares you have, including the price, name of the company, if it is increasing or decreasing in value. It also has an easy option to explore different shares that are available to buy. Additionally there is simple access to sell a share you currently own without any commission fees. There are also the options for different account types through FreeTrade ranging from a general investing account to even a self-invested personal pension!

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Why are FreeTrade Offering Free Shares?

It’s a simple, yet effective marketing technique to get people to use the app. FreeTrade offer free shares in the hope that the person will continue using the app to invest in their future. They also look for individuals to share the app to friends and family for more users.

It allows you to see how the app works and decide if you would want to go further with investing. You can choose whether to keep your free share invested in the company FreeTrade chose. Alternatively you can withdraw the share to your bank or put in another company of your choice.

The free share offer is the reason I registered to FreeTrade even though the thought of signing up to a stock market app seemed daunting at first. However, I have ended up liking the app and finding it much easier to understand and navigate than other stock markets.

Is FreeTrade The Right App For Me?

You’ve heard the expression ‘You miss every chance you don’t take’ right? So here is your sign to try out FreeTrade and get the free share. You can simply sign up the free money without being interested in investing. You may end up with enough for a meal deal or maybe even get lucky with £200!

There are no exit fees for the app, so if you wanted to have a look around to see if you could start investing using FreeTrade then the free share sign up offer is the perfect place to start.

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How do I get free shares?

The process is a quick and simple one that takes 5 steps and less than 10 minutes to get started.

  • First of all you will need to download the Freetrade app on either the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Once you have done that, you need to register an account and complete the W-8BEN form.
  • Deposit £1 into your account.
  • Wait 7 to 10 days for the free share to be put into your account (usually on a Wednesday).
  • Get your free share worth between £3 and £200.
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You can then share the love and send a free share using your own referral link to friends and family so you will both end up getting a free share each!

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