How To Make Extra Money At Home In Your Spare Time

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We’ve all been around the internet researching how we can get some extra money while at home watching our favourite Netflix shows. How many have you come across that actually work though? Not a lot I imagine. 

Survey Sites


I have only been using Prolific for two weeks and my only regret is not starting sooner. In the past two weeks I have made nearly £60 just for doing surveys here and there!

Prolific is a website for researchers to request participants for their studies and you would be signing up as a participant. Once you have registered and verified your account the studies will appear on the home page (when there is one available). You will be able to click into a study and read to see if the study is something you can do i.e. you have the right equipment, device, enough time and think the payment is worth the time. The times of the studies and rewards can vary as it depends on what the companies holding the surveys are willing to offer and how much of your time they require. I’ve done some surveys that were 50p and others that were £10, so it all depends!

Once you reserve a place for the study you only have a certain amount of time to complete the study, so make sure if you really want to do the study that you do it as soon as possible. You will find that a few of the studies are activity based and can be quite interesting to participate in! Once you have completed a study you will be referred back to Prolific where your response will be awaiting approval by the researcher.

The minimum withdrawal amount is £5 so once you have at least that in your account you are able to withdraw via PayPal. The pay out days seem to be Tuesday and Friday, so I recommend doing as many surveys as you can and requesting a withdrawal on Tuesday or Friday mornings so you can get your money in your PayPal on that day.

I highly recommend signing up to Prolific as it can be quite profitable and fun if you have a spare 10 minutes here and there.


YouGov is a survey site for the Government where you can complete surveys in exchange for money. The surveys are on a variety of topics and will provide you with a different amount of points each time. Once you reach 5000 points you will be rewarded with £50.

I have now reached the point to withdraw the voucher which was a little time consuming. It is worth doing surveys when you can as the points all add up and make a difference. If you’re interested in getting a £50 by completing surveys you can sign up here and start earning points today.


When you sign up to Ipsos you can receive emails with opportunities to complete surveys of many different topics. Each survey earns you points which you can collect until you have enough to get a voucher of your choice. There are different places to choose from including; Amazon, Virtual Prepaid Mastercard, John Lewis, Tesco, M&S, and more. You can do several surveys and get 490 points which you can use on a £5 Virtual Prepaid Mastercard or you can do more surveys and get 980 points and get a £10 Amazon voucher for example. 

The amount of points you get depends on the type and lengths of the surveys. The surveys are easy to do in your spare time and takes you one step closer to a voucher of your choice. It doesn’t stop there, you can continue doing surveys even after you’ve taken out a voucher! 

I can confirm it is legitimate and you will be rewarded for your time. I got to 980 points and used that for a £10 Prepaid Virtual Mastercard and used it to get some goodies for myself and my Husband. Next time I reach the 980 points I may get a Tesco voucher so I can use it towards food shopping or some treats for my toddler. 

Sign up here to start taking surveys today! 

Ways To Make Money That Aren’t Surveys

Freetrade App

You can get free shares worth between £3 and £200 by signing up to the Freetrade App today. All it takes is 4 quick and easy steps.

  • Download the Freetrade App
  • Register on the app and fill out the W8-BEN form to show you don’t pay tax in America
  • Deposit £1
  • Wait 7-10 days for your free share to appear in your account
  • Send some free shares to your friends and family!

Take a look at my ‘How To Get Free Money with Freetrade’ blog post for more information!

Matched Betting

Did you know there are ways of betting that allow you to make a profit? The best way to see if matched betting is right for you is to sign up to a free trial of Profit Accumulator and make up to £40 today!

If you want more information on matched betting you should take a look at ‘How to make up to £100 a month through matched betting’

What are your favourite ways to make some extra money at home?

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