How to make up to £100 a month with Profit Accumulator

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You’d be lying if you said you had never wished you could make a little extra money to go towards a pub trip, that dress or saving for a holiday! What if I told you that you could possibly make up to £100 or more each month from the comforts of your own home? You’d be up for it, right? All you need is a couple of hours a week spare and £60 to start this side hustle.

Let me tell you a bit about Profit Accumulator and Matched betting!

Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator is essentially what the name suggests; a website full of information, software and tools to help you make a profit from matched betting! Beginning with a tutorial to help you understand the basics involved with Mathced Betting, followed by step by step guides to make up to £40. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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I started using Profit Accumulator in December 2020 and found it extremely useful. First of all, the welcome and tutorial videos are super helpful. Then there are so many helpful tools that come with Profit Accumulator to help you make your way through your matched betting journey!

What is matched betting?

Matched Betting is a form of betting where you can make a profit if bets are placed correctly. It involves finding bets with close odds and placing a back bet (usually placed through a Bookmaker such as William Hill or Coral) and a lay bet (usually on an exchange website such as Betfair or Smarkets). A back bet is essentially where you are placing a bet and believe it will happen, whereas a lay bet is where you bet something will not happen. This means you can make profit providing bets are placed correctly on both sides. This is where you will need to have a certain amount in your exchange account as it acts as a liability. However, as long as you place the same bets as per the tutorial then you will not loose the initial £60!

Now you might be thinking, hold on where is the profit in this? Now this is where you start to take advantage of all the sign up offers on Bookmaker websites and some Exchange websites. You will start off placing a qualifying bet (no profit) and then you are rewarded with a free bet (where you can make the money).

You don’t even need knowledge of sports or betting

The sign up offers do vary in how much profit you can make but even the small profit bets are worth doing as they all add up! The ones where you can make more money from you will usually need to have a higher bankroll in the Exchange websites so it is definitely worth starting small and working up to the big bucks!

Is this legal?

Matched Betting is 100% legal and a great way to make tax free money! Majority of the Bookmaker and Exchange websites are perfectly okay with this, however, there are a few that you will need to take steps to prevent being blocked from using the website!

Not to worry though, there are some helpful resources on the Profit Accumulator website to help you see what to do for specific Bookmakers and Exchanges.

I’m still a bit sceptical though…

That is not a problem at all! You can sign up for a free trial and see if this is the right thing for you. An easy way to make up to £40 and if you find it is right for you then the possibilities of profit are endless!

What are you waiting for?

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