Make Your Child’s Christmas Magical With Lapland Letters

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Seeing the world through my toddlers eyes is something magical for sure. Now they’re three years old they’re becoming more understanding of occasions and getting more excited. Their birthday was an event they talked about for a couple of weeks with so much excitement, it was incredible to see. This year I think they’re going to be more understanding of Christmas as an occasion, they were aware of it last year but probably not so much due to lockdowns and their age. However, this year I want to make it something to remember. When asked to provide a review for Lapland Letters I jumped at the chance. It seemed like it would be a perfect opportunity to start all the excitement for Christmas for my three year old.

What’s Included

First of all the main product that is offered on Lapland Letters are the personalised letters from Santa. There are 10 different Santa Letters to choose from all with free UK delivery! I went for the Classic Letter Rudolph’s Test Flight which I loved for the mention of the reindeer flying over our town. All of the letters include a free secret map and a Lapland stamped envelope which adds to the authenticity.

Not only are there personalised letters from Santa, but there are optional extras you can choose from to make it even more magical for your child. There’s an Early Bird Offer, the Santa Bumper Activity Pack and Magical Santa Extras.

Goodies in the Santa Bumper Activity Pack:

  • Activities, games and a colour me in Door Hanger.
  • Colour me in Christmas Card.
  • Santa Please Stop Here Poster.
  • Thank You Santa Postcard.
  • Elf Club invitation with a choose your Elf name.
  • Lapland Elf Club poster.

Here’s what you can choose from out of the Magical Santa Extras:

  • Santa’s Magical Wishing Stars
  • Reindeer Food with Moon Sparkles
  • Personalised Good Child Chocolate Bar
  • Mrs. Claus Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
  • Personalised Magical Santa Key
  • Personalised Lapland Christmas Box

Reindeer Food, Personalised Chocolate Bar and Magical Santa Key

Early Bird Offer

Lapland Letters are currently doing an Early Bird Offer when you include a Santa Bumper Activity Pack to your cart. The Early Bird Offer allows you to get additional goodies for free. These goodies include; a 2021 Personalised Good Child Certificate, Countdown to Christmas Chart and a Christmas Eve Santa Treats Board. These items usually cost over £7 but you can get them for free when ordering a Santa Bumper Activity Pack!

Child’s Reaction

In the pack we received a personalised letter from Santa, the Santa Bumper Activity pack along with the Early Bird Offer goodies. We were also given Santa’s Magical Wishing Stars, Reindeer Food, Personalised Good Chocolate Bar and a Personalised Magical Santa Key which were nice little extras.

My three year old was very excited to see that Santa had sent them a letter along with other goodies. They loved listening to me reading the letter and how the reindeer were going on a test flight. They also loved hearing about the Lapland workshop and how it was busy preparing all the toys for all the children all over the world. The letter felt so authentic with it being personalised.

The activity pack and the extras that were included in the Early bird offer were also loved. These will make great indoor activities to do during December alongside baking cookies and advent activities. The December countdown sheet will be especially fun and exciting to do with my toddler.

I think my toddler was most impressed by the reindeer food and the personalised chocolate bar. They are very excited to leave reindeer food out on Christmas Eve and has asked to do it several times already!

Overall Thoughts

I don’t think I could recommend Lapland Letters enough. The letter was authentic along with the magical extras. The Santa activity pack will hold hours of fun throughout December. Not only was my child super excited about the parcel but it also made myself more excited about Christmas this year with my three year old.

I was particularly impressed with Santa’s key, I loved the idea of it and how it helps include those who don’t have fireplaces and an extra ornament for the tree! The thank you postcard for Santa is also a brilliant idea! It’ll be a great way to encourage appreciation and gratitude from my toddler. We will definitely be completing this postcard with great thanks for all the hard work for everyone working at Lapland Letters!

The prices are reasonable for each of the products and there is free UK delivery! The Early Bird offer is great to have with the Santa Activity pack as that is a great deal.

If you’re looking for something magical for your child this year I highly recommend using Lapland Letters. It was lovely seeing the amazement and magic through the eyes of my child. I’m looking forward to more of the magic yet to come!

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