Side Hustles Perfect For Anyone Who Needs Extra Money

Disclaimer: Some of the links within this blog post are affiliate links. If you purchase or sign up to anything from this website via an affiliate link, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

I was originally going to aim this around stay at home parents as some of these below would be perfect. However, considering how difficult things are financially for so many people right now I am going to be sharing this for anyone who needs a little bit of extra financial help. I myself have a part time job and still need ways to make extra money to keep on top of things so I thought I would share to help anyone in need.

The side hustles I am going to be talking about vary in how long they will take and how much they will make you but they will fit around work, child(ren), house life etc. Even if you can just spare about 2 hours a week you should be able to make some extra cash.

Matched Betting

Did you know there are ways of betting that allow you to make a profit? The best way to see if matched betting is right for you is to sign up to a free trial of Profit Accumulator and make up to £40 today!

If you want more information on matched betting you should take a look at ‘How to make up to £100 a month through matched betting’


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Blogging can be a great way to make some extra money, the best thing about blogging is that you can write about anything you’re passionate about. There will be someone out there wanting reviews, comparisons, more information and so on about anything and everything you could think of.

Starting a blog is a simple enough process and can be free to do if you go through Blogger or WordPress. When I first started blogging I used Blogger but through the years I found WordPress offered more freedom and flexibility. I now use WordPress hosted through Lyrical Host and Name Cheap as it helps me to be able to have that freedom to improve my DA.

There are different ways you can make money from blogging so it isn’t just limited to one source.


Affiliate marketing is a great way to make passive income. Affiliate marketing is where you recommend a product or service in exchange for a commission from that company you are recommending from. This works out both well for the company for more advertisement and those promoting the company’s products and services.

I recently purchased Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers by Reinventing Neesha which talks in depth about affiliate marketing, where to find affiliate companies, creating great content and marketing your content. I found this ebook super helpful and since using it I have made my first affiliate sale!

Sponsored posts

The price range of sponsored posts is varied and mostly depends on your blogs domain authority (DA). There will be some companies that are looking for sponsored posts and don’t mind what the DA of your blog is. Then there will be others that would like your blog to be DA10, DA20, DA50 etc. The general consensus is that the higher your blogs’ DA the more opportunities there will be, thus more money. This is why it usually works out better to make your blog self-hosted rather than using hosting through WordPress or Blogger.

Where can I find sponsored posts?

There are various places to apply for sponsored posts but I’ve found the best places to be Twitter, Facebook groups, Intellifluence and GetBlogged.

Intellifluence – I recommend checking on this site every few days to see what opportunities are available. There can sometimes be quiet moments as they will not show you opportunities that do not fit your criteria. However, when there are opportunities available they will usually be good ones. Sign up here to join Intellifluence and start creating sponsored content.

Get Blogged – There can often be a mix of opportunities on Get Blogged so I recommend checking this site at least twice a week to see if any opportunities go well with your blog. You will only be able to apply for blog opportunities that are in line with your blogs DA as Get Blogged don’t want you to waste time applying only to find out your DA is too low. Start your blogging journey here with Get Blogged today.


If you are self-hosted and have your own domain you can often sign up to have adverts on your blog. These won’t generally earn you a lot of money per view or click but sometimes they can add up. However, it may end up being that you don’t want adverts on your blog as sometimes it can frustrate readers and end up not being worth it if you’re not earning much from the ads.

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Where To Start A Blog

As I mentioned earlier, it is better to go self hosted in order to increase your blogs DA. There are several different website hosting companies and sites to buy domains from about on the internet and it can often be hard to find the right one. In my time of blogging I have used; BlueHost, Lyrical Host and Name Cheap. All of which have their own qualities and really depend what you feel would be more suitable.

Blue Host – Hosting with Blue Host is a cheap way to start your adventure to a side hustle through blogging. You can start hosting with Blue Host from only £2.20 a month which is a cheap investment into building a profitable blog.

Lyrical Host – Whilst Lyrical Host is slightly more pricey there is more of a benefit to this as it makes hosting simple that you could start a blog in 5 mintues. There are three different options to choose from when picking a hosting plan; Tiny, Mighty and Boss which differ in price and what services they can provide for you. There is an abundance of resources available when you choose their hosting, along with additional stock photo bundles you can purchase to spruce up the imagery on your blog. If you’re interested in starting a blog with Lyrical Host you can use the code HOBBIT10 for 10% off your first hosting plan payment.

NameCheap – I decided to go for the EasyWP – WordPress Hosting to host this blog on as this was really cheap. I purchased the domain for this blog ‘Life Of A Hobbit’ from Name Cheap as it was really cheap to buy. Did you know you can buy a popular domain from NameCheap for just 99 cents? I do love that you can get a domain and web hosting from NameCheap for a really low price, it is perfect for anyone who is just starting out or looking to get a second blog.


Surveys may not seem like a lot at the time but they do end up adding up. If you’re someone who ends up scrolling through social media a lot while watching Netflix then doing these surveys instead could end up being worthwhile.

YouGov – YouGov provide a variety of different surveys that have a different number of points depending on the length of the survey. When you reach 5000 points you will be able to get £50 straight into your bank account. I recommend signing up to receive emails or getting the app to receive notifications when there are new surveys available to do when you can. Sign up to YouGov here to earn points towards that £50!

Ipsos Isay This website again offers a variety of surveys along with a variety of rewards to choose from. These rewards are usually quicker to get to as the threshold is lower for withdrawal but at a lower amount than YouGov.

Viewsbank – Viewsbank is a points based survey website that offers a variety of different surveys along with different amounts of points to be earnt. You get paid any amount over £12 the following month providing you meet the minimum requirement. I like this idea as it can often be a nice surprise if you’ve spent the previous month doing plenty of surveys. Sign up here today to start earning money through surveys on Viewsbank.

Prolific – I love using Prolific in my spare time to get some extra money. The studies on Prolific to vary and can often be interactive studies which makes it fun to do. Some of the studies can be done on your phone or tablet, but most of them are primarily only available on PC. With Prolific you can cash out instantly when you hit that £5 minimum threshold! Start earning through Prolific here today.

Creating Products for Etsy

If you’re an artistic person with a creative drive then selling products on Etsy could be the way forward for a side hustle for you! The best thing is you are not limited to one thing. You could create mugs, postcards, pins, tee shirts, clay models, gift sets, clothing etc. There are endless possibilities.

Even if you’re maybe not so much creative in the physical sense, you could create digital products. This could be how to’s, colouring pages, printable statement pieces, logos, worksheets etc. I have personally found the best place to create digital products is on Canva. Using canva pro offers so many options for creating the perfect design to your taste. I have used canva pro for creating downloadable worksheets, creating Instagram photos and writing ebooks. It is also a great tool for blogging and advertising your blog posts through Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to draw in the attention of your readers.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Sign up offers/ Refer a friend

There are several places where you can get sign up offers and receive money which you can then refer your friends/family to then share the offers.

FreeTrade – This is an app where you can get free shares worth between £3 and £200. Then you send a free share to friends/family members and then you can both get a free share between £3 and £200! To get this free share you can sign up here. If you would like more information about how FreeTrade works then check out my blog post ‘How To Get Free Money With The Freetrade App‘.

Ziglu – You can get £5 free with this sign up offer when you sign up to Ziglu. I know it may not seem like a lot but every little bit helps at the moment.

Oh my dosh – You can get a £1 welcome bonus when you sign up to Oh My Dosh. This is a referral website where you can receive money for signing up to certain websites. I highly recommend trialling the ‘No Spend’ section first to dip your toes in the water. I also recommend keeping a track of which referrals you have signed up to and making a note of when they end, particularly for subscription trials in order to cancel before they charge.

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Thank you so much if you’ve made it to the end of this post, I know it was a long one. I hope some of these will at least help someone to make a little bit of extra money this month. Are there any other side hustles you have to make extra money throughout the month? Comment below.

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