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What do you like to do when you want to relax and escape from the world? I sometimes love to bathe, bake or draw but one thing I’ve found that helps the most recently is gaming. I absolutely love gaming, whether that is an FPS, RPG or even puzzle solving games. I find the latter not only relaxes me but also keeps my mind active.

I spent a fair amount of my free time during the lockdowns last year playing games. I found it was a great way to escape from the world with everything that was happening. These games would range from Call Of Duty Warzone, Rust, Destiny, Animal Crossing to Hidden Objects and Logic Puzzle games.

I’ve recently come across which has over 100 online games that are free to play. As the name suggests it is an online card based gaming website. The main focus is solitaire as they have over 50 different versions to choose to play from. They also have a range of different type of games from Mahjong, Hidden Objects, Logic Puzzle Games and many more which can be found at the bottom of the home page.

I was blown away by the variety of games to choose from on their website. So I’ve taken a closer look and tried out a fair few games within each category. I must say I haven’t been disappointed at all.

Games I Enjoy Playing On

It would be hard to pick one favourite game to play on due to the variety of different games available. I have enjoyed playing the card games but also a few other games from different categories, so here are the games that I’ve particularly enjoyed playing recently.

Letter Logic

Letter Logic is similar to a crossword puzzle with making words fit in a similar layout on a grid. However, the words are already there, you just have to figure out where they fit on the grid. You start with one letter on the grid and then work out where the rest of the words fit from there. I did enjoy this game as I like fitting pieces into puzzles. I would have to say I prefer this to a crossword puzzle! Just underneath the game there is some information about the game with a how to play section which I found really useful and easy to read.

Daily Dog Pooh

Before you start thinking ‘dog poo? that can’t be right?’ well let me tell you more. I too was intrigued by the name Daily Dog Pooh which is one of the reasons I decided to try this game out. It is what you read in the sense there are dogs and there are poohs in emoji/ cartoon style. Dog Pooh is a logic puzzle game which is considerably fun and challenging to play. The aim of the game is to draw a dog or pooh in every cell. But there are two rules; there can’t be more than two dogs or poohs next to each other horizontally or vertically and there has to be the same number of dogs and poohs in each row and column.

I have enjoyed playing this game, it not only gets the brain working but it is fun to play with some great sound effects! I highly recommend playing this game!

Solitaire: A Deck Of Fish

A Deck Of Fish is a unique card game that is similar to the rules of Tripeaks. However, the aim of the game is to catch all the fish on the bottom right corner. In order to catch a fish you have to create numerical runs so the fish can grow to the desired size or bigger for extra points. I found this fun to play and enjoyed the music that accompanied the game! I do recommend this game, especially if you’re looking for something a little bit light hearted and cute to play.


I have enjoyed playing the various versions of Mahjong on There are 19 different versions of Mahjong to choose from when looking to play the game depending on the kind of theme you’re into.

I particularly like the Halloween Mahjong, Animal Connection Mahjong and Panda Mahjong which are all extremely cute, relaxing and fun to play! The Halloween and Panda Mahjong are more like the standard version of Mahjong where you select them from the top of the tower they are stacked on to match. However, the Animal Connection Mahjong is slightly different because you have to connect the pieces using a line. The line has to have a clear pathway to be able to match the two together. It gets easier when there are less pieces on the grid as there is more room for the line to go through. Definitely fun and slightly challenging to play!

Hidden Objects

There are eight different versions of hidden object games to choose from on The range of difficulty varies for each different one where some are relatively easy and others are quite difficult! It took me three attempts on one version to get past the level it was that difficult.

Although the difficulty levels vary I do find all of them enjoyable to play, they’re challenging and fun. They also have some nice relaxing music to go alongside which I do enjoy listening to whilst playing.

Overall Thoughts

I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through to see what the hype was all about. I have enjoyed playing games I didn’t think I would have played.

I found the website very inviting and user friendly. The website is great to play on desktop, mobile and tablet use. I have found no issues with the different modes to play on. If you play on a mobile device there is always the option to zoom into the game which is especially useful for hidden object games!

What game looks interesting to you? Which game would you try out first?

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