Top 10 Ways To Destress

There are some times in life where you can feel overwhelmed with any type of stress. Sometimes you may not be able to control what life throws at you to make you feel stressed. With everything going on these days, it is important to look after yourself. The best way to do this is by finding ways to destress that work for you. 

I find that certain things work better for me depending on the level of stress I am experiencing. For example if I’m experiencing a build up of stress over a week or so then things like having a bath (with a bath bomb of course) will help. However, if I get a sudden overwhelming feeling of stress then things like cuddling my kitties (sometimes my toddler) under a blanket will help. 

I thought I would write some suggestions of what you could do when you need to destress. I have also included some pictures, some of which may or may not lead you to adopting a kitten which I will not be held responsible for.  

Favourite Comfort Film/TV Series 

Sometimes it is nice to take your mind off the events of the world when it all gets too much. So it is nice to taken in the world of an alternate reality from your favourite TV series or film. If there’s some comfort you find from a specific film/tv series then you could wrap up cosy and watch away. Or maybe even try something new to redirect your focus into what could happen. 

Cuddle Your Pets

I mentioned this one earlier but this is one of my favourite ways to destress. I have four cats myself so that means I get four lots of cuddles (when they want it). When I feel stressed I just get under my weighted blanket and let them come to me for cuddles (stealing my warmth). If you don’t have pets you can still squeeze your favourite teddy or your favourite human. 

Music Jam

What better way to destress than to be immersed in your favourite music? Stick headphones on, cover yourself in a heavy blanket and listen to your favourite tunes.

Take A Relaxing Bath 

I know this one might not work for everyone but I often find that it gives some temporary destress. Especially with candles that smell really nice, bubbles and a funky coloured bath bomb to create that ‘relaxing’ atmosphere. Please see the dinosaur bath bomb (a personal favourite) pictured below.  

Clean And Declutter 

Sometimes if you spend a lot of time in a cluttered environment it can make you feel worse. Blast some music and declutter that space, then you will have one less thing to worry about. 

Take A Walk 

This has been a favourite of mine for years to try and take away the stress. These days it sometimes feels more stressful than not with having to avoid everyone (because of covid-19). Also it is hit and miss with a toddler whether she will behave or try and run down a hill into a lake, but most of the time it is a good way to destress. I am looking forward to spring time where it should be warmer and lighter so we can spend mornings walking again before the influx of people arrive. 

Journal Your Thoughts

Sometimes the thoughts can build up in your head and make it feel as though there are 100 things more than what you are stressed about. I find it helps me to organise my thoughts most of the time so I can see how much is actually wrong. This is also the same when I talk to my husband about everything that is stressing me out and it turns out I am only stressing about 2 or 3 things, whereas in my head it feels like 100. When I’ve got it written down then it helps me focus on how I can deal with the problems that are stressing me out, which takes the edge off a little. 

Doodle Away

By now you’ve probable heard of those colour by numbers or anti stress colouring books right? Sometimes these can be nice to do as a distraction and you can end up creating something that looks relatively nice. I also find that doodling helps me feel slightly more relaxed as I can focus on what I am drawing rather than everything else. 


Now this one will probably depend on the type of person you are and whether or not you enjoy baking and cooking. This one is more for people who enjoy this activity so feel free to skip if you are not a fan! I find this is a hit and miss for me sometimes depending on what mood I am in (and if I have the ingredients in the house). This last time I baked with my toddler which was interesting but she loved it and it gave us something to do for half an hour. 

 Take A Step Back and Breathe 

Sometimes you just have to step back away from the noise and take a deep breath. I don’t necessarily mean meditating at this point (you can do this if it helps), but you can do this with some of the activities I’ve mentioned previously. You can also switch off your phone, sit in your garden or a quiet room and just take 5 minutes to breathe. 

I hope some of these steps will help you find ways to destress that work for you. It is definitely becoming more important now with everything going on in the world to try and find ways to destress and cope with everything life throws at you. 

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