Top 5 Tips For Saving For A Wedding

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Write down everything you will need and how much this will all cost, but make sure to over estimate in case of price changes further down the line. Once you have a rough idea of how much money you will need for the wedding you can work out how much spare money you have left over after each pay check. You can then determine any cutbacks you need to make and how long it will realistically take you to save for the wedding.

Start early

Start saving as early as you can. With a budget planned out you will be able to see how much you need to save each month to be able to afford what you will need. There are various methods of saving and these all depend on what will work best for you.

Banking App – Using banking apps or online banking for saving may require a bit of shopping about to see which one has the best interest rate. It’s also important to see if you will lose interest if you take the money out at a certain time so it is best to check!

Cash Envelope – This method of saving involves putting a certain amount of cash into a labelled envelope. This is great for people who sell unwanted items locally or get paid in cash.

Plum – I love using Plum as it automatically saves money here and there so it’s in the savings account without having to actively transfer it. You can sign up to Plum here to start your automatic savings today.

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Buy Second Hand/ Rent Where Possible

There’s absolutely no shame in buying second hand/ renting these days, in fact it is encouraged. Not only is it economically beneficial but also environmentally! For instance, the bridesmaid/groomsmen outfits could be bought second hand or rented from rental companies. Even the wedding dress could be bought second hand if you aren’t too fussed about that!

Shop Around To Find Cheaper Options

Don’t always go for the first option you see straight away. Have a look around and find a variety of prices for the places/items you are looking for. You can revert back to the first option you see if that is what you really want though! Sometimes it is best to check around and note prices down, this will be particularly helpful to create your budget as it can show the range of prices.

Have A Little Side Hustle

It’s always great to have a side hustle for those special occasions to make them even more special. You can use these side hustles to either earn more to spend more or to get to your financial goal quicker. A side hustle can range from surveys, content creating, product making, mobile apps to matched betting.

Here are a few of my favourite side hustles for making extra money:

  • Matched Betting – Matched Betting is where you can potentially make an extra profit on betting providing you follow the guidelines correctly. You can learn more about Matched Betting here and sign up here for a free trial today.
  • Create Digital Content – If you love to create workbooks, ebooks, printables then you can use Canva to create some fantastic digital content to sell!
  • Sell Unused/ Unwanted Clothes – Have that declutter of your wardrobe and start selling those clothes that are just getting dusty. You can either sell on Depop, Vinted, Ebay or Facebook Marketplace
  • Using Mobile Apps – There are various mobile apps you can use for making some extra money. Here are my top five.

For more side hustles you can check out my earlies blog post ‘Side Hustles Perfect For Anyone Who Needs Extra Money’

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I hope this post has been helpful today. Please let me know your thoughts and what tips you have for saving for a wedding!

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